Serving Rhode Island

Serving Connecticut

Pre-Approvals :  FASTTRACK$ is more than a pre-approval.  All information
                          verified.  A written, FIRM MORTGAGE COMMITMENT issued.  
                          Free credit repair ( see Bankers Better Credit Program )
                          and a Realtor referred to serve you, and ONLY you.
                          30 DAYS TO HOME OWNERSHIP
                          no down payment - no closing costs.

Limousine :          Bankers brings their clients to the closing in
                            a chauffeur driven  limousine.

Extended Warranty:  Free to all Bankers clients. Each year you will receive :
                           * an updated copy of your credit report
                           * an update on your appraisal
                           * a debt  to income analysis
                           * a report on market conditions
                           * any new products available all mailed to you each year
                              for the life of your mortgage. No cost or obligation.

Sales Agreements : Prepared for anyone, anytime for any transaction.  
                                FREE, no cost or obligation. Call Us.